I Love to travel

what would be nicer on a warm, sunny spring day than to enjoy a leisurely wander along a hill side.  With this in mind, we jumped in the car and drove to Lavasa, a small hill side in West Pune.  The town is approximately one hour drive from Pune city  .17883908_1617509461610592_1652563944916253273_n

The car park we took a right turn along a path crossing two footbridges to reach the hillside.  From the bridge we could see several brightly coloured narrow boats moored on both banks, sun sets behind the mountain .  From here, we headed in an easterly direction with the river on our left, along the townpath towards the centre of the hill side 17523221_1617537738274431_7352529844696486143_n

There were beautiful decoration of flowers and newly constructed house .They were designed for old  retired senior citizen person . We met few senior citizen and know how they are feeling at this hill side .Some elderly people were staying their for long time and explained that is little behind the facility of a metropolitan  being at the top of the hill.

India is certainly rapidly urbanising – hundreds of millions of people are expected to move into India’s overcrowded cities over the next 25 years. For ambitious property developers, the city-building game is a potentially big profit-making opportunity.IMG_9133

The success of Lavasa as a model will have a big impact on how the process of rapid urbanisation in India, and further afield, plays out. Lavasa is a peaceful hiil side for living . People from crowd of city life can certainly enjoy being here.IMG_9135 One can go for Ashiyana housing property over here for retired person . Its is not so costly to afford to own a house over here. When Pune city is just 65km to travel , one can get benefit of both metro-city as well as hill station living at lavasa.17883890_1617509091610629_1443247352225052061_n

When fully built, Lavasa intends to consume 100 sq km – about the size of a small town – and will cater to a total population of up to 300,000 in five “towns” built on seven hills. The view and sunset are must to watch here . One can relax for the whole day here with their family or friends . For photography lover it can be one of the best place to visit . Their are numerous stores and restaurant for the food lover.17884538_1617508844943987_3781323653863291851_n

I certainly feel that one can go and enhale a fresh air apart from the city charcoalic air. One can relax or have a chill out with their friends at this hill side . The best time to go is during october and november of the month. It is less polluted and amazing experience to travel . IMG_9134 I wish I would visit it soon again to feel the heavenly nature.

“It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.”

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“ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”😊

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  1. Such a beautiful place Lavasa is !

    And I still don’t know why I haven’t visited even when I’m living in pune from last 20 years -___-

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