Does your personality attracts people !

Attraction is not always about looks or getting styled. It’s about a certain primal magnetism. Of course, we can be physically attracted to someone by our style and beautyIMG_9161, but we are more often drawn to their confidence, passion and personality. Being attractive is about more than just appearance.

I have a lot of sides to my personality and what you see on ‘The Hills’ is a strong, independent woman, which I am. But I also have a sensitive side that I don’t show too much.
Somehow our society has formed a one-sided view of the human personality, and for some reason everyone understood that it is  gifted and  only as it applied to the intellect. But it is possible not only to be talented in one’s thoughts but also to be talented in one’s feelings as well. I’ve always avoided publicity. I’ve never been good copy at any stage of my life. I don’t strive for it, because I don’t think it’s important whether I’m good copy or not. The two can go together, if that’s your personality, but every person on this earth is unique.

I wasn’t a friendly child. I was reserved and mostly kept to myself. My family tells me they’ve noticed a sea change in me after I’ve grown up. But I guess that’s natural. Your surroundings, friends, college, etc. do make a lot of difference to your personality.

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature.We recruit our people for personality. We look for the people person, with innate warmth, sweetness, and intelligence. These are the people who are sending your message out to the customers and potential customers, so we recruit for personality first and foremost.

For me, the beauty of a person is a matter of the whole package. You have to look at the whole thing, not just a matter of outward appearance or whatever. It has to do with one’s character, personality, upbringing and so on.




Author: getyurownstyle

“ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”😊

92 thoughts on “Does your personality attracts people !”

  1. Hey, I love this post. Some people do have a special aura about themselves which makes them appealing and attractive even if they are not particularly beautiful in the outside. It has happened to me that I have learned to like someone trully, in the beginning I didn’t find them attractive physically, but by knowing them, my vision changed gradually. The reverse is also true, a beautiful person on the outside can become ugly in my eyes if I see them display loud manners, or negative behaviours.

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    1. Personality is something can’t be measured from outer Beauty only , need to have a beautiful soul and strong character to mark a effect on other beings . I am so happy you visited my blog post and post your review ☺️☺️☺️

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  2. “For me, the beauty of a person is a matter of the whole package. You have to look at the whole thing, not just a matter of outward appearance or whatever. It has to do with one’s character, personality, upbringing and so on.” this says it all and exactly how i am. the cover may draw you in, but it is the substance that keeps you involved. and to me, you seem to be the total package.

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  3. Superb! I loved the line-“For me the beauty of a person is a matter of whole package”
    You hv said every thing in this one single line in a gaagar mei saagar style. Samajh sako to theek hai warna sab bekar hai!

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  4. There is a saying “you do not buy a book for a nice cover, look at the content, the interior”. I think that everything in us is important, the appearance too. But personality traits, temperament, spirituality, our passions and our spontaneity. You’re right WE ARE THE ENTITY. One only needs to cover the book. For me, the interior is more important.

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    1. First of all a big thanks to connect with me here . Yes personality is a broader things like I cannot copy someone’s else such that the person is very attractive or successful in life . I believe in myself and the confidence inside me makes me different from others . A copying cannot reflects perfect in front of the world as an original one does . I love being me and I know I have enough potential to grow better and better in life .

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  5. Three steps in marketing are Attract attention-Raise Interest- Arouse desire.
    In relationships is the same. The external package attracts attention. Your personality might either raise interest or even arouse desire if you have charisma.
    But if your package is not appreciated nobody could ever experienced your personality because he/she stops at the previous stage. That also means of course that beauty is an advantage.
    Saluti e grazie del passaggio fatti rivedere.

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful explanation . I totally agree with your points here that your total package counts regardless of one ‘s Beauty only . Because Beauty is something that will always fades away with time .😊Thank you for visiting my blog .


  6. Bonjour mon Ami Amie
    C’est l’heure pour moi de passer
    Dans ton bel univers déposer un petit
    Commentaire d’amitié te dire que
    Si chacune de mes pensées
    Se transformeraient en fleurs
    Chaque jour un bouquet
    Viendrait embellir ta demeure
    C’ est toute la douceur de leurs parfums
    Que je t’envoie!!!!
    Une agréable journée ou soirée

    Gros bisous. Bernard

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  7. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami AMIE
    Je te souhaite plein de bonnes choses
    La beauté du silence
    La gloire de la lumière
    Le mystère de la pénombre
    La force de la flamme
    Le pouvoir de l’eau
    La douceur de l’air
    La force tranquille de la terre
    L’amour qui se trouve
    aux racines des choses
    Je te souhaite de passer une agréable journée
    Riche de joie et de bonheur et du soleil dans le cœur
    Reçois ce petit câlin……et ce bisou ce matin
    Et aussi ce soir
    Bonne journée et bonne soirée douce nuit

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