My capture

DSC_1473 The Sky—

Hey why you change so often , sometimes grey,
Sometimes blue, sometimes crimson,
You are immense, you are endless;

You are limitless, you are boundless,

As far as my eyes can see,

You are my hope, and you are the inspiration to the sad hearts,
Looking up to you in the sky , the tiny me,
To touch you, is my ultimate desire,

I always wish to , that if I was the sea,
To reflect  all your colors  truly,
And  meet you often at the horizon,
To show all my love,
As boundless as thee.

Author: getyurownstyle

“ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”😊

74 thoughts on “My capture”

  1. Wow, this poem is amazing! I especially love the part where it says ‘I always wish, that if I were the sea, to reflect all your colours truly’ 💜

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  2. You beautifully describe the sky, the sky. This connection on the horizon. and change colors depending on his mood. How to touch? You are flying through the clouds and you do not touch the sky. That there will be a man who will be a HEAVEN!

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      1. Sometimes we have our Heaven here on Earth. I have it when I hug my three kids. They are already big, but love for children is the same since their birth. My Heaven here on the ground are moments with a belt (sport) and rest when I close the door of my room, wonderful moments with the massage of another human and purring my beloved Siamese kitten Kleofas. He is the most wonderful cat in the world. Extremely sensitive. Life is Beautiful. Let’s look for our heaven.

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      2. Wow you are a wonderful person , I wish I could meet you in person . Your thoughts are so beautiful and I am really so interested to talk to you here . I wish you all your dreams come true . God bless you 😊

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  3. A beautiful and heartfelt poem that is easy to resonate with. 🙂

    It is a curious mystery about the Sky that it is colourless! The colour we see is simply Sunlight being redirected and/or absorbed in some frequencies by the particles of colourless gas, or tiny particles suspended within it. 😉

    I was a little unsatisfied with the photo though which i think is more due to the camera’s quality than your skill using it. 😉

    I took the liberty of performing a little photo magic – i hope you do not mind?

    Thank you for the comment likes over @ With Love’s blog.

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    1. Wow I liked your photo magic 😊 , Yes I will try to capture photo in a more accurate way maybe next time hehe . Thank you for your beautiful words and I am glad to get connected with you here 😊 Happy blogging 😇

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    1. Wow this is my second nomination for Sunshine blogger award . I thank you from core of my heart for nominating me . I don’t know that my wordings are effective to make any changes in the world but surely I am having a great blogging time . Once again thank you and will surely check it out .🦋🦋🦋🦋😊😊


  4. Ehi, perché cambi così spesso, a volte grigio, a
    volte blu, a volte cremisi,
    sei immenso, sei infinito;

    Sei senza limiti, sei senza limiti,

    Per quanto i miei occhi possano vedere,

    Tu sei la mia speranza, e tu sei l’ispirazione per i cuori tristi,
    Guardandoti verso il cielo, il piccolo me,
    Per toccarti, è il mio ultimo desiderio,

    Io vorrei sempre, che se fossi il mare,
    per riflettere veramente tutti i tuoi colori,
    e incontrarti spesso all’orizzonte,
    per mostrare tutto il mio amore,
    sconfinato come te.


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