Finding happiness within yourself !!

Every now and often , we are asked by many people in our life that-‘Are you really happy as you share such a positive things and happy moments “, Is your life really going all perfect ? So I have shared my thoughts and feelings  on this topic ,hope you all like it –


Since our childhood we are being told by our parents and elders not to crib or cry for small desire , be always happy , life life as your own way , stay positive in adverse situations of life and always keep yourself fit to take the challenges of the life etc etc and I am sure that by now we all know this and how  all of us make the most of each day .

We start our day with a positive mind each day but there are lot of things which make our day not so positive for example we can have a bad day in our office , may be due to any reason your boss is not happy with you or your peers , another example is your relationship . You are having complication in your relationship whether it is with your husband / boyfriend or with your closest friend can make you feel low or sad .Your mental power is so low that even you cannot concentrate properly on your work or daily life .Another example I can take is your health issues, which might be you are not taking seriously .

Then after dealing with such stuffs we start to find our happiness in others . we start to look for happiness in people around us or the one who inspire us . Some people really work as a medicine for us and give us a hope that we can have a happy life like others .I  can say that no one is having a perfect life as we see from outside .If one’s post regularly their happy pictures on social media , its doesn’t mean that their is no problem in their life . We need to understand this .

I find happiness in myself . I don’t need any external medium to make me happy .  I can be happy playing with a small baby or Having a cup of coffee in my balcony . I engage my mind in such a way that their is no time to think of others or why i am not successful as others are . I  can be happy seeing the birds flying in the sky or the clouds covering the moon .  I  can be happy when the rain is going to start or solving any issues of my friend who is having a hard day at work.

One thing is very important in life that never compare yourself with anyone.Trust me , no one gets life served on a plate .  Its the attitude to look at the glass half full which makes happy looking people genuinely happy so work hard , be sincere and have the right attitude towards life !!1535461423-road

Discover what makes you truly happy !!!!

Author: getyurownstyle

“ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”😊

66 thoughts on “Finding happiness within yourself !!”

  1. Happiness is a funny word. One can feel gratitude and call it happy or content. Happy is not always jumping up and down or laughing or smiling. Happy is to me contentment with life or situation and not agitated.

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  2. Self medication, I call it high on life and you are absolutely right lovely. The glass is always half full, there is always light in a dark room and there’s always a bright side. I love how you see things and I love how your post portrays that. You must be happy with yourself to spread happiness. “Be the change you want to see in the world” ~Rumi~
    True happiness starts from inside as soon as you open your eyes. Lovely post just like yourself.❤️❤️🌹

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    1. I just like what you wrote and I want to tell you that life is a learning process. One can start learning and experiencing things at any phase of their life . Happiness is the success of good life and I want to convey that finding happiness happiness within yourself is a greatest discovery of human . One can try finding happiness in and around them just need to have that vision inside . Thank you so much 😊 for your beautiful words .
      Wish you a happy Sunday !

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      1. You are so right lovely, and I too like what you wrote. Happiness starts from within and you can start learning things at any phase, there is no limit to learning. And happiness is a treasure to be discovered, once you get it, keep it. A lovely post🌹🌹. A beautiful Sunday to you.😊


  3. Ja, man muss nich immer nach dem “Großen” trachten. Viele Kleinigkeiten können uns töäglich glücklich machen, wenn man sich ein wenig öffnet und zuläßt, dass sie unsere Seele berühren.

    (I wrote in German as I understand that you are quite familiar with our language)


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  4. Love this post. We need to find contentment with ourselves in external surroundings. Happiness for me comes from within like you it is the simple things in life which give me happiness, the breeze, sitting outside morning or night enjoying the peace, the quietude, watching birds fly around the home, my cats. If you place your happiness making it someone else’s responsibility you will always be disappointed because very few people can fulfill this requirement. I have found some people’s energy make us feel better but they do not make us happy. Blessings to you

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    1. Wow I just love the way you wrote , you have written true and I agree with your each sentences . I am so glad to connect with you and share our thoughts . Thank you so much for visiting my blog post 😊🌸🌸

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  5. This post is very insightful, something that is felt from the heart rather than thought from the mind and many struggle with it.
    It’s good to meet you, thanks for following 🙂

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  6. My glass was always half full. In recent years, I enjoy life more than ever. Although it has not changed from seemingly better facts. But I am no longer able to build them, I only look with a pinch of salt, watch the world and ENJOY SMALL THINGS. Greetings. A beautiful post.

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    1. Hey Barbara , I always love the way you express through the words . One has to find happiness within then only he/she can enjoy the life to fullest . Thank you from bottom of my heart and keep sharing your thoughts💕😊🌸

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    1. Before you can be happy with someone else, you truly need to find happiness within yourself. We are all wonderful, amazing creatures and given that, we certainly do not need external medium as a mirror to our happiness in life .Thanks a lot for your beautiful words 💕🌸😊

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    1. I don’t know how to thank you . Just wanted to convey millions thanks from bottom of my heart 💕 I would like to know your lovely name and wish you all the best in your life .
      Much love 😊🌸


  7. Excellent post……….. if you’re not happy from inside you can’t find happiness anywhere on this planet…………someone said but I don’t know who..🤔……….but this is true……..and your post reflects this thought…………..well written……very nice. Good work

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