A day in Munich 4K Video

Please watch this video of my Munich trip .

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Author: getyurownstyle

“ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”😊

2 thoughts on “A day in Munich 4K Video”

  1. looks like a nice visit.
    the views were very nice. the on camera graphics were easy to read and informative. the off camera narrative could be heard BUT the on camera narrative still could not be heard. you may need some sort of different mic to pick up what you are saying on camera. panning was still a bit dizzying. i looked up the system you said you are using and it looks nice but it seems the company is not making one of the systems any longer according to the website. thanks for sharing and im sorry for being so negative but please consider it as constructive input.

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    1. Please write something on my YouTube channel too . I hope you have subscribed it . I don’t take any feedback in a negative way . I am a new comer so it is a learning process for me and I will improve it with time . I need to check some mic now .
      Please subscribe and write your comments on my YouTube video.😊


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