My capture

DSC_1473 The Sky—

Hey why you change so often , sometimes grey,
Sometimes blue, sometimes crimson,
You are immense, you are endless;

You are limitless, you are boundless,

As far as my eyes can see,

You are my hope, and you are the inspiration to the sad hearts,
Looking up to you in the sky , the tiny me,
To touch you, is my ultimate desire,

I always wish to , that if I was the sea,
To reflect  all your colors  truly,
And  meet you often at the horizon,
To show all my love,
As boundless as thee.

My visit to a garden!

IMG_9130I went to a garden in Pune city . This garden is called Agah Khan palace and garden .It is present in the middle of the town . It’s so beautiful that it can capture your mind when seen from outside.IMG_9128

My visiting to this garden was quite refreshing and educative. With the increase of population in towns and cities, open spaces are becoming very rare. Gardens, grounds and lawns are the lungs of a modern city. I like going to the garden and  spending some time in the beautiful company of nature. A garden is place of beauty. It presents a feast of joy before us. Its shady trees seem to invite me during the summers and its green sunny lawns catch my eyes in the winter season.IMG_9127

I am a complete nature and woods lover . I like the smell of woods and keep myself surrounded with nature .One can see a row of roses that attract the eyes of the beholder. I enjoy a stroll in the garden both in the morning and in the evening. At that time I forget all the worries of life.IMG_9132

Also here Gandhi and his wife stayed , people can get a lot of information about Ghandi and his life . His wife Kasturba Gandhi funeral is also done at the backyard of the garden . I was glad to see the things that Ghandi used in his life . I saw few researchers taking pictures and information about Ghandi. In the middle of the garden, there is a fountain and a small tank. The tank teems with colored fish of various kinds. Children flock to the tank and play with the fish. The garden also serves as a nest of singing birds. Many beautiful birds perch in the trees in the evening and pour out their melodious songs.IMG_9129

I can assure you that the fragrance of the flowers lends a sweet charm to the whole atmosphere. I can also say that this place is quite a nice place to have digital photography as it’s so beautifully decorated and designed. I saw couples having some photo shoot at the same time . Many people visit the garden at different hours of the day. I go specially in evening to the garden . IMG_9131I have really a good time in the garden which is veritably a paradise on the 🌏 . I would like to tell you my friends who are living in Pune or Mumbai area please have a visit to this amazing garden.