Emotional Empowerment!!!


Emotional empowerment  is all about learning to recognizeprocess and respond to our feelings. It is about creating self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. It is the ability to see life as a series of adventures to be experienced, rather than a continuous set of problems to be solved. It is a solution-oriented and fun-oriented mindset.

When we think of a healthier lifestyle fitness is normally at the forefront. We think of working a little bit harder every day to reach goals of increased physical strength and agility. However, a healthier lifestyle also includes emotional empowerment, which requires working a little bit harder every day to increase emotional strength and agility.

My belief is that the solution to a lot of the world’s problems lies in emotional empowerment. In people believing in themselves, and in their own capacity for change. In people sharing an empowering and hopeful narrative with each other. In our collective ability to envision a more beautiful and vibrant world.

This is not about economic empowerment. A person may be rich and confident, yet may feel victimized by his wife, or by his clients, or his religion. The masks of victim hood are many. There are multiple reasons for discontent and fear in our lives — our families, neighborhoods, jobs, communities, countries, animals, finances, etc. I believe Emotional Empowerment it is the only way forward. The world needs an emotional revolution.

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”


How to improve Emotional Empowerment

The power is within you .

I think you can start knowing the power within yourself , Start by making an objective evaluation of the leeway you have. For example, it’s easier to understand and handle emotion when they’re at their peak.The world is becoming a brewing pot of hate and anger today because we haven’t been taught to process our emotions in a constructive fashion. Instead, the narrative of anger, hate and defensiveness have multiplied with each passing generation.

To achieve this, it’s best to set aside thoughts like: “I’m like this”, “This is the way I live”, or “I was born this way”.

We were not taught about self-love, self-acceptance, and self-belief — the essential virtues that allow a person to float through any crisis in life. Rather, we were taught the virtues of achievements, and social adherence.

We go through life doubting and shaming ourselves. “Am I not a good professional?”Am I not a good mother?” “Am I not a good partner?” 

 We all have the power to change and to improve if we really want to. This is perhaps our first power.

Make a balance within yourself at situations

The next logical key to a good emotional empowerment stems from the previous one. It requires you to make a balance on an emotional level.

We must identify and then set aside those attitudes, reactions, and thoughts that distance us from the people that we love. We must have a balance to make us flexible in our actions. Also, we must see life on gray scales instead of seeing everything in black or white (polarized thinking).


Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

-Marie Curie-

Identify the areas for improvement

We need to identify areas for improvement to know ourselves better. A good way to do this is through an emotional SWOT analysis. To begin, we should think about what we like and what we don’t like. This way, we’ll know how to act in situations that we like, as well as in those we don’t.

To achieve this, a good idea is to analyze our reactions to certain situations. In addition, we should take the time to think about our attitudes to know what holds us back and what makes us move forward.


Act accordingly 

Now  that we have analyzed the various opportunities for improvement, it’s time to act. We really have to work hard and make our mind  put in motion everything that can be improved to emotionally empower us. As a result, we’ll reach an ideal emotional state.

Evaluate and correct

When we’ve finished practicing those areas for improvement, we should try to answer the following question. Are we doing the right thing? If the answer is yes, then we’re on the right path. If the answer is no, we have to make corrections until we find the appropriate way to achieve our goals.

The path to emotional empowerment isn’t simple. However, these tips may help you. When you decide to put them into practice, you should try your hardest. They’ll help you evaluate yourself to be able to go on the right path to your better self.1616122_2346_2

Share with me your thoughts on the comment’s section. Have a blessed day!

Author: getyurownstyle

“ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”😊

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    1. Hi , I am so glad to get your feedback . It motivates me a lot to improve my skills . I would like to thank you for connecting with me and visiting my blog post . Have a great day ahead !!!
      Regards !!


  1. Great and well written article, thoroughly enjoyed it, I would just add that if struggling with trying to attain emotional empowerment that sometimes turning to our beautiful Natural World sometimes helps. Watch birds, watch trees, listen to the sounds that come to your heart/Soul, sometimes as goofy as that may appear, the answers may come!!!! Again mate can’t say it enough, really enjoy your thought provoking writing style, thanks.

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    1. Hello shell, I would like to thank you first for reading my blog.
      For taking the time to look around and read more than just one post.
      For making an effort to tell me that you thoroughly enjoyed reading it .
      I am really inspired now and feel like my energy to write such post is going worth and positive .
      I am extremely glad to connect with you here .
      Regards !!!!!


      1. My pleasure, when I make contact with fellow “muse” that writes well I enjoy giving my encouragement and support. The writing you do is genuine and thanks for taking time to share it with us. Look forward to further great “reads”!

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      2. “It was a pleasure to be a part of your blogging community Thank you for connecting with me and sharing your personal thoughts . I really need to improve myself here as I have started writing for few months ago only and I really appreciate each one of us love here.
        Regards 😊❤️


    1. Hi Kranti,
      I’d like to say , thanks for the support and your love . Thank you very much because it had really pushed me to write more and more . It works like a motivating force for no reason but a vision to see beyond my eyes can.I am feeling healthier, happy and much loved than before .

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    1. I am so happy you read my post . I don’t know but I have tried to highlight some key points for consideration .
      It’s feels great when you get acknowledge for it , it’s a power booster pack to write more for me . Thank you so much 😊🌸

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  2. A great read! You’re absolutely right. If more people understood what they’re capable of and how to use those abilities, there would be such a positive shift in the way people view themselves in life.

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    1. Yes I tried to put some key points for increasing your emotional power . Well I think emotional empowerment is the most important components to live a life successfully or happier . I think it’s worth if you work upon it to boost your lifestyle . Thanks you for always encouraging me through your words . 😊🌷🌷

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    1. Yeah you are true and also one of the most difficult attributes to control on yourself as it’s changes very frequently. Thank rue for always being so sporty to my work . I am so lucky to have you as a family here .
      Much love 💕

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    1. Wow I feel so honored to get my post reblogged . Thank you so much for considering my post to featured on your site . I am extremely motivated and dedicated towards my work now !!!


  3. ❤ Ti faccio un altro Reblog. Anche questo è un bellissimo pensiero che hai avuto però devo aggiungere un problema che forse non aveva riscontrato il genio dell'analisi SWOT (Albert Humphrey) che sarebbero stati dei fattori esterni molto più pericolosi di quanto non si pensasse in quegli antichi anni di scienza. Infatti i fattori possono comprendere il personale, la finanza, le capacità di produzione, e così via. I fattori esterni possono includere le questioni macroeconomiche, il mutamento tecnologico, la legislazione, e cambiamenti socio-culturali, così come i cambiamenti nel mercato e posizione competitiva. Su questi ultimi aspetti di minaccia, forse dobbiamo ancora molto riflettere. 😉 Sabry
    Danke auch dafür, dass du geschrieben hast und ich werde es schätzen, es mit einem Reblog teilen, weil ich leidenschaftlich über dich bin ❤ 😉

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      1. Non riesco a trovare il commento che tu mi stai recriminando. Comunque è solo una forma differente di lingua e di traduzione. Non sei il mio amore e questo che ti sia chiaro e certo per te e per il tuo compagno. Come hai potuto credere che io possa definirti la mia amante? Tu scherzi? Io ho già una persona che amo e di certo non intendo amare degli sconosciuti presi da Blog . Non sono la tipa giusta per questi scherzi di cattivo gusto. L’affetto amichevole oppure il cuore ❤ non vogliono dire altro che affetto amichevole e non amore, non in italiano e non in tedesco. Il problema credo che sia solo di cultura e non di reale importanza. Fattene una ragione, per favore. Grazie

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      2. è tutto ok, ora goditi i tuoi weekend non voglio rovinarti un errore di parole per entrambi e per quanto riguarda la tua fidanzata? da dove si trova? Mi dispiace ancora una volta se ferito come il suo musunderstanding solo comunque godono e divertiti.

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      3. Non ci sono stati problemi per me. La mia fidanzata abita a casa mia ma siamo due donne gay capisci?


      4. Thank you and smile too please and do not take into consideration the words that do not matter. I do not think your lover really gets into trouble for silly writing for a joke. If you do not play here … then we will not laugh anymore 😉

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      5. You are right to laugh because it is what I most desire for everyone else. I love to make people laugh … See how we write? I wrote that “I love” to laugh so we “love” also a behavior and not just people. I also love God but God does not get angry and laughs for me and is happy if I talk about love without malice for him of course 😉 😀

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